Pre-purchase Housing Counseling

Have you got questions?

Mortgage. Insurance. Qualifying. Closing. 

What does it all mean?

Help is a phone call away.

Easy-to-understand counselors lead you step-by-step.

What is the first step?
You will receive an overview of the mortgage loan application process, along with information on qualifying for a mortgage and securing financing. In order to determine the feasibility of a mortgage, you are shown how to evaluate your monthly budget. Housing education is a one-on-one session with an accredited credit counselor for potential homeowners in the State of Georgia. Certain lenders and housing initiatives usually require this counseling and a “certificate of completion” in order to pursue favorable home loan and down-payment programs. Trained housing counselors will cover many topics including:
  • Energy-efficient home and appliances
  • Roles of a realtor
  • Evaluation of a family’s wants and needs
  • How to put an offer on a home
  • The importance of a home inspection
  • What to look for in a structurally sound house
Tell me about finances.
You will receive information on down payment assistance programs sponsored by the Columbus Consolidated Government and state-wide through the Department of Community Affairs. You will also learn about:
  • Budgeting for “up-front” costs of home ownership
  • On-going maintenance costs
  • Closing procedures
  • Closing documentation

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

Struggling to keep your house?

Now there is someone who can help!

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of West Georgia / East Alabama, in partnership with NeighborWorks-America, is now offering FREE foreclosure prevention counseling to homeowners in Georgia and Alabama.

This free foreclosure counseling service can be received in person or by telephone and includes:
  • Assessment of your mortgage, including payment status and urgency in the delinquency and foreclosure process
  • General discussion of foreclosure
  • Development of loss mitigation options
  • Development of steps to be taken by you and by our certified counselor
  • Communication with servicer
  • Submission of loss mitigation package to servicer
  • Written action plan for avoiding foreclosure or other homeowner preference
  • Follow up support for homeowner
  • Contact information for available community services
How Does It Work?
If you face foreclosure on your home, you are not alone. Georgia ranks at the top of the list when it comes to the number of homeowners facing foreclosure. If you think you qualify for free foreclosure intervention and default counseling, call our one of our offices today to schedule an appointment.

To prepare for your scheduled appointment, please gather as much of the information below to bring to our office. Some of these items are simply topics that will be discussed with the
foreclosure counselor during your appointment. But don’t worry. If there is something you don’t understand our counselors are here to walk you through the process.
  • Your goals and intent regarding ownership of your home
  • Reason for the delinquency or default
  • Your financial situation and possibility of working out issues
  • Type of home loan you received
  • The value of your home and its condition
  • Credit report
  • Home Loan documents, including first and/or second mortgage loans
  • Verification of income and expenses for budgeting purposes
  • Any correspondence from the mortgage company or servicer
Call today for an appointment
706.327.3239    Columbus
706.845.7204    LaGrange

Funding for this free counseling service provided by the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program. Approved by Congress in the FY08 Consolidated Appropriations Bill, the program is administered through a competitive application process by NeighborWorks America, within guidelines defined by Congressional legislation. NeighborWorks America is an independent, Congressionally-chartered non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., with a mission to provide access to sustainable homeownership and safe, affordable rental housing.