Credit & Debt Counseling

Are your Bills Late?  Creditors Calling?
CCCS counselors will give you directions to a debt-free life.

How do I begin?
Certified credit counselors will analyze your current finances and work with you on a confidential basis to design a personal budget, set goals to pay off debts and plan for the future. You will have a plan with options:
          1.    Handle your finances directly because you have made budget adjustments and learned money management from your counselor.
          2.    Enroll in a CCCS Debt Management Plan (DMP) to become debt-free. CCCS serves as a neutral third party in negotiating with unsecured creditors to repay, reduce or eliminate interest charges and create a plan that gets you completely out of debt.

DMP Benefits
  • Elimination of collection calls
  • Reduced interest rates
  • One affordable monthly payment
  • Elimination of late and over limit fees
  • Potential prevention of foreclosure, repossession, legal action and shut-offs
  • A definite timeline to be debt free
  • A personal budget and action plan to help you become a financial success
DMP Fees
To become debt free, there will be a monthly fee equal to six (6%) percent of your total monthly payment (not to exceed $35 per month). The fee is included in your monthly payment. There will be regular follow-up by experienced counselors.

Basic credit and debt counseling generally lasts 1-1.5 hours with questions and answers.
These one-on-one sessions may be conducted either face-to-face with a counselor, by telephone or by mail.

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