Pre-filing Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

To file or not to file is one of the most serious financial decisions you will ever make. It is critical that you fully understand possible alternatives to make the best decision for your financial circumstances. As a result of a 2005 amendment to the bankruptcy law, you are required to receive a pre-filing counseling session and a certificate of completion that must be given to your attorney if you decide to file for bankruptcy.

Pre-File Disclosure

How does it work?
  • A counseling session lasts around 90 minutes
  • Counseling and a certificate of completion may be face-to-face, over the telephone, or via the internet
  • Bankruptcy must be filed no later than 180 days from date of counseling.            

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To complete the Pre-filing course online click on the link below:

Online Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Course

Online Individual Fee $35
Online Couple Fee $50  Call 706-327-3239 for discount code
(If you wish to pay with cash or money order, please call for instructions)